Key Features

Join the ImeWow and choose any activities that you like - realize all your travel dreams.

Plan without stress

Book tickets in advance, add interesting places to your favorite, determine the place by feedback from other travelers

Travel Opportunities

Find popular events close by, buy burning tickets, use personal tips and get updates

Offline Functions

Download the contacts of tour operators, look for routes for your travel and download them in memory, view the list of upcoming events

Additional Features

Install the ImeWow app and travel as you have never travelled before - conveniently, practically, productively.

Easy to use

Imagine that you are planning to go to a new place for you. Presented? Now install the application ImeWow and it will tell you where you can rent profitable accommodation, what bright and interesting places you will definitely need to visit, as well as where you can eat inexpensively, but as tasty as possible.

  • Book your tickets
  • Add sights
  • Get updates
  • Build a route
  • Choose where to eat
  • Learn about events
  • Read reviews
  • Look for like-minded people
  • Easy Cancellation
  • Contacts of tour operators






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Application screenshots

In the screenshots below, you can evaluate what the ImeWow is and how the application works.

System requirements

For the correct operation of the "ImeWow - excursions and travel" application, you need a device on the Android platform version 6.0 or higher, as well as at least 33 MB of free space on the device. In addition, the application requests the following permissions: Wi-Fi connection data, location.


In the background summary below, we tried to cover the most popular issues regarding the use of ImeWow.

You can plan your trip with ImeWow as it will be convenient for you. Choose the direction that you want to visit most at the moment or any other for your taste, and the application will tell you how to make your journey unforgettable.

ImeWow can offer you those places that are most popular in one direction or another, and will also offer you places that are very authentic. ImeWow will also tell you where you can taste delicious food at an attractive price.

ImeWow offers you the possibility of booking tickets with cancellation at any time, the opportunity to add attractions to your favorites, make lists of places and plan routes, get acquainted with reviews of other travelers, look for an event nearby.